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Posted by on June 29th, 2019



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Fat is one of the macro nutrients, which can be found in human diet.

It’s among the six classes of foods.

Types of fat includes:-

Fat has both positive and negative effect on human body system, this is effect can either cause harm or good to the entire human system.

Some diet we take contains fat, such diet includes:-

  1. Fruit


2. Eggs

3. Oily fish

4. Nuts

5. Chease

Health benefits of fat:

Human being needs fat in there diet to give a healthy live. But needs it in a certain amount.Some health benefits of fat are listed below:-

Fat can be considered as energy giving food. This is because of its ability to replenish lost energy after work.

Some fat contains soluble vitamin-A,E,D and K, which are absorbed in the body fat tissue. Therefore, when someone lacks fat in his/her diet,it can result to deficiency of those vitamins.

Fat serves as insulator. This is because, when someone is being exposed to cold weather,fat helps to regulate the person’s temperature by keeping it warmth.

Risk of taking high fat diet:

High fat intake leads to increase in cholesterol, and this make the body system vulnerable to disease such as stroke.

High intake of fatty foods increases the body weight, therefore makes someone to look very fat.👇👇👇

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