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Posted by on June 29th, 2019



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Patè is a popular food among the people of southern kaduna(Hausa), precisely in AKURMI nation there is almost no home in kurama land that patè is not part of their menu, which they call “UKASEH”. There exist two version of patè;watery and thick one, the watery one is what karuma people partake mostly, while the thick one is what other people of southern kaduna partake mostly.There is a saying that goes “har kan b’ chuwna ukaseh me b’ kurmi,ah b’ natonh” “take away patè,there will be no Akurmi”

Ingredients required in preparing patè:

In preparing patè, the following ingredients are required;fractal from maize in Hausa “TSAKI”, Beans, Groundnut, Garden egg,Pepper, Tomatoes, Onion, Biscuit bones, Vegetable leaves;bitter leaves and jute leaves, Spinach, to mention the basic.


The maize is grinded moderately not to smooth and not too coarsed,after the grinding,it undergoes sieving to separate the flour from the chaff leaving fractal (TSAKI) using a winnower (matangadi),then all the vegetable leaves are cut into shreds in a desirable and considerable size of one’s choice and washed very clean.Beans and groundnut likewise are prepared.


Cooking procedures:

This are the steps you should consider while preparing your patè meal;

  1. Put the water into a pot;add biscuit bone and pepper. Set it on fire until it boils.
  2. The beans is cooked separately or from the onset,but if already cooked saparately add the beans.
  3. Add into the fractal (TSAKI) stir very well to prevent lumps.
  4. Put all vegetables leaves ,and allow for 10–15 minutes.
  5. Allow to cook for 8–10 minutes,so as not to destroy the nutrients from the vegetables.
  6. Remove from fire and serve.

Other ingredients are red oil,salt, biscuit bone, cake “dawadawa” or magi (this is the common among other people of southern Kaduna and other part of the northern part of Nigeria because some of them sometimes prepare patè in a very thick form, unlike in Kurama land where patè is a watery meal) almost at all time.

Nutritional value of patè

Nutritional value of patè

From the ingredients mentioned above, one does not need an angel,or a prophet,or a nutritionist to tell how nutritional is patè, infact this kind of meal should be regarded as a balanced diet because it contains all the six classes of food in appropriate proportion which are; carbohydrates, protein,fat and oil, vitamin, water and minerals. Also it’s no longer news that patè has spread all over Nigeria, because of its nutritional value. Apart from the nutritional value of patè, the presence of vegetables is remarkable on various research and works and finding on vegetables; vegetables such as pepper, tomatoes, garden eggs present in the meal have many important functions in the human today’s mechanism daily.It is invaluable to humans like the phytochemicals present in almost all vegetables,has medical importance which can cure infections that has affected humans. Pepper and tomatoes are other vegetable in the meal are an excellent source of antioxidants, dietary fibres, minerals and vitamins.

The major people that take this wonderful meal are the hausas which are recognized as the northern part of of the country(Nigeria),the hausa states of Nigeria includes;

It’s obvious that is not only the hausa people that are eating patè, even some of the Yoruba and igbo people do take it as meal, especially those that be have lived in hausa land before.

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